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On Monday December 22nd,  a group of Carbonera Neighbors met with Sargent Scott Garner of the Santa Cruz Police Department.

On Monday December 29th, we  had a follow up meeting with Lieutenant Mark Sanders of the Santa Cruz Police Department.

The subject was imminent wild fire danger to the Carbonera Neighborhood.

Sargent Garner posted notices in the green belt area around Carbonera Creek advising the illegal homesteaders that they must vacate.  Sargent Garner is identifying each of the homesteaders, processing them through the system, and directing them to the appropriate government service to address their issue, whether it be mental health, temporary housing, drug rehabilitation, criminal justice, etc.

Lieutenant Sanders reported that the illegal homesteaders have now been cleared out from the city owned property.  This leaves the county property and the private property.

Three private property owners own land in the green belt.  Each one is aware of the illegal homesteaders on their property and is taking steps to address the issues.  Private property owners may contact the police to remove trespassers.  It is recommended that all private property owners prominently post "No Trespassing" signs on their property.

Neighborhood residents are encouraged to notify the county of the problem:  

Mr. John Presleigh, Assistant Director of Public Works, Santa Cruz County, 831.454.2160

Mr. Stephen Fish, Sargent, Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department, 831.464.6230

(NOTE: Mr. Fish is taking over for Sheriff Todd Liberty at the end of January, 2009)


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